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 Overview of the Synergistic Web Marketing™ Solution  

The Synergistic Web Marketing™ solution was developed to bring together the two most important elements of any online marketing solution:  unique knowledge of a particular market and the expertise to share that knowledge through online marketing techniques. 

This solution is based on the following principles:

  1. You know your business, customers, products, services, market and key points of differentiation;
  2. SynNet has the talent and technology skill to promote your organization online;
  3. Combined, this creates a powerful force to implement a program that is efficient and effective.     

In order for your Web site to get attention from search engines, prospects and customers, it needs regular attention and updating.  And, let’s face it, everyone puts up a Web site for the same reasons -- to advertise, find new customers, expand markets, cut costs, etc.  However, as with any other traditional marketing effort, execution is the difference between success and failure.  Success means high volumes of traffic, leads and sales.  Failure means falling further behind in the best (and lowest cost!) direct marketing medium ever invented.  

Read any book, article or blog about online marketing and you will learn the same thing:  To attract high numbers of visitors, your site must be a constantly evolving, content and feature-rich resource valued by the Web community.  This “Web community” includes search engines, directories, blogs, social networks, other related sites, news organizations and specific industry resources.  A few examples of this “constantly evolving” effort include:

  • Content additions, updates and syndication
  • Pictures, audio and video optimized and added to the site
  • Products and prices added to the online catalogs
  • New site features, functions and tools

Working in collaboration with your business, product and market experts, Synergistic Web Marketing consultants supply the “gap” expertise required to make your site a constantly evolving, feature rich buyer magnet that broadcasts your value to prospects, customers and market across the Internet.

For most companies, the Web site usually is assigned to someone on the staff that has some technical or design interests.  Or, it is assigned to a technical person who knows what to do but does not understand the customers or market.  In both cases, the effort usually starts with strong ideas and interest but fades as other work or the intricacies of specific Web tools and tricks block progress and success.  Either way, success depends on knowledge, interest and staying on top of the latest Web marketing concepts.  

With the Synergistic Web Marketing solution, you can speak to us in terms of business and marketing goals and we will translate them into specific content, programming and communication tactics that promotes your unique value to the world.  More importantly, our consultants have the experience to understand your business model and recommend features and functions that will enhance and support your value proposition.   Specifically, our consultants are fluent in the following areas:  

  • Internet strategy
  • Web site design, layout, development and programming
  • Content development, optimization and syndication
  • Search engine optimization and banner advertising campaign management
  • E-commerce software setup and payment configuration
  • Content management system setup and training
  • Community development and social networking approaches
  • Online database programming and integration
  • Analytics setup, configuration and reporting

If your Web site is not showcasing and communicating the unique value of your organization, let us explain how the Synergistic Web Marketing solution can enhance and improve your marketing goals.