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From the humble beginnings of the Wild Onion! BBS, Synergistic Networks, Inc. (SynNet®) has grown into one of Chicagoland’s premier Web agencies that combine strategy, creativity, and technology to provide unique Web solutions.

SynNet was founded in 1993 by business partners Greg Jiede and Al Tantillo (since retired) with the intent to provide the Midwest with a full service Internet Bulletin Board System (BBS).  The Wild Onion! became one of the finest social online services in the Midwest with over 100 incoming nodes, and was ultimately responsible for thirty-four marriages!

With the rise of the World Wide Web around 1996, SynNet saw the need to adapt.  The Wild Onion! was not officially retired until 2000, but SynNet began to embrace the Web and has become one of the oldest independent Internet technology firms in the country serving organizations in the greater Chicagoland area.

We have over seventeen (17) years of experience in Internet technology and specialize in projects that are challenging.  If the timeframe or features needed seem impossible, we have probably met similar demands for another client.

Because of the experience level and diverse background of our staff, our focus has expanded beyond Web site design and hosting to include custom software development, technology services and advanced Web solutions.  These include development of portal and content management solutions; online registration and collaboration tools; member/customer database conversion and maintenance; design of Adobe Flash and Microsoft PowerPoint multi-media presentations; customer, membership, and/or subscriber relationship management strategies and solutions; and online education and training.

We create Internet-based business and organizational communications strategies, and execute customized solutions for a broad range of organizations – from international associations with thousands of organizational and individual members to the Fortune 1000 and government organizations.  We have become deeply knowledgeable about our client’s missions and strategic objectives, and require ourselves to find smart, strategic, and affordable solutions that deliver results “on-time and on-budget.”

Do not take our word for it, read what our clients have to say.

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