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 Online Shopping Cart (ProductCart) Support Page  

Welcome to the Online Shopping Cart (ProductCart) support page where you will find detailed information regarding the Online Shopping Cart (ProductCart) upgrades and updates. as For additional information beyond what is provided in this section and the corresponding pages, please contact Client Services, e-mail:, or calling at: 630-993-0460 x2.

It is our policy to inform our clients of upgrades and to urge them to schedule their upgrade with us at the earliest possible time. Upgrading is very important.

At SynNet, we are dedicated to assuring that our clients stay up-to-date with the latest information regarding their Web site services. For clients, if you have questions regarding your current site, and its version status please contact Client Services.

Upgrades & Update Information

This section will contain links to the latest information regarding upgrades (major version releases) and updates (minor version releases). Details on new features, improvements, and bug fixes can be reviewed by following the below links.



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SynNet ProductCart


SynNet Release Date



ver. 3.1

2007, October 31

Major feature upgrades include:

  • Customer sees a list of "most recently viewed products"
  • Enhanced page nagivation listing
  • Start & end dates for electronic coupons
  • Warehouse "Pick List"

ProductCart Version 3.1 Update Details 


ver. 3.0

2007, April 4

 Major feature upgrades include:

  • Mouse-over Ajax to display product details
  • Upgraded Supplier Mgmt
  • Multiple Images per product
  • Print UPS & FedEX labels

Product Cart Version 3.0 Update Details