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 ProductCart 3.1 Update Details  

ProductCart Version 3.1 New Features & Improvements
You must be running version 3.051 or 3.052 in order to update to v3.1

ProductCart Version 3.1 New Features & Improvements (PDF, 66KB )PDF File

New Feature Recently Viewed Products
Recently Viewed Products
Now you can add a simple "snippet" to your store design (anywhere on your store's graphical interface) that will list the last few products visited by a customer (you can easily set how many are shown). The feature uses a harmless cookie on the customer's computer, so recently viewed products are shown even if the customer leaves the store and comes back a few days later. An intuitive "Clear List" link allows the customer to instantly clear the list.

New Feature Control Panel User Logging Control Panel User Loggin
Know exactly who logged into your store's administration area, when, and what they did (which pages they accessed). Find out whether there were any unsuccessful login attempts (i.e. somebody that was trying to login), and which IP addresses were involved. You can run searches using several different filters, and view logs for a specific date or a date range. This is not only a great feature that allows you to better monitor access to your store's Control Panel, but also a requirement for PCI compliance (the ability to track and monitor user access).

New Feature Pick List Pick List
With ProductCart you can easily generate printer-friendly invoices, packing slips or a "pick list" for the orders you select. This last one is a new feature that generates a simple list of products associated with the selected orders. The document created by the new "Pick List" feature can be useful as a hand-out for picking products from your warehouse when you are preparing your shipments. It's one more way to help you productively run your online store.

Improved Better Page Navigation
The updated page navigation, which now only shows 10 pages (a number you can change) and then "next 10" and "previous 10" links, rather than listing all the pages returned in the query. For example, assume a category contained 50 pages of products... ProductCart would no longer list 50 page numbers, but rather something like this (e.g. you are on page 25):

First Previous 10 Pages 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 Next 10 Pages Last

Improved USPS Integration Now Includes Label Printing
USPS shipping labels can now be printed directly in the Control Panel, just like FedEx and UPS shipping labels (note however that ProductCart does not print the postage: you can do so using another system such as Pitney Bowes,, Endicia, etc.). New services were also added to the USPS integration (e.g. Flat Rate Envelope).

Improved "Add to Cart" Button Added to Many New Pages
Since the object of an on-line store is to SELL, why not give customers more opportunities to BUY!? "Add to Cart" buttons are now shown by default, everywhere it makes sense. Specifically, the "Add to Cart" button is now shown on all pages where a product is displayed, if the product can be purchased without visiting the product details page.

Now Built In Google Checkout UK & PayPal Web Site Payments Pro UK
UK customers: ProductCart has now been certified by Google Check in the UK and has also updated its integration of PayPal to include the UK products.

Now Built In     Payment Express
We have integrated PX Pay by Payment Express. This payment system allows you to have customers enter their payment information on a secure page hosted by Payment Express.

Now Built In     Chrono Pay
We have integrated ChronoPay into ProductCart. ChronoPay is one of the leading Internet Payment Service Providers on the European market, headquartered in Amsterdam.

Other Features and Improvements

PCI compliance
Being compliant with the Payment Card Industry security standards is important in order to protect cardholder data and non-compliant merchants risk paying substantial fines. A feature like "Control Panel Logging" (mentioned above) was designed also to comply with a PCI security requirement.

Hacker Safe
We've updated ProductCart to be fully "hacker safe"according to the popular service by ScanAlert. You can obtain up to 70% off on this service as a ProductCart customer. The fact that our own software store is "HackerSafe", gives you immediate proof that ProductCart passes all tests successfully.

Start Date for Electronic Coupons
You can now specify not only an expiration date, but a start date as well for your discount codes. This new feature will provide greater flexibility with regards to announcing promotions and special offers.

Stores can use their own RMA numbers
Previously, ProductCart always generated an RMA number automatically. In v3.1 the store manager can enter their own Return Merchandise Authorization number.  This can be very useful when products are sent by a drop-shipper, which uses their own RMA system.

Enhanced VAT support
Customers in Europe will appreciate the improved VAT capabilities, which will allow the store manager to assign products to different VAT Rate Categories based on the product type (unlimited categories will be supported). For instance, books are typically subject to a lower VAT than other products. VAT exemptions are also supported.

Gift Registry Notifications
The store manager is now automatically notified when a customer creates a new Gift Registry. The customer can now be contacted to see if he/she needs any assistance.
... and many more  

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