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Delivering Value Through Technology™  

We create Internet-based business, organizational and communications solutions, and execute customized projects for a broad range of organizations.

Our client base ranges from:

  • International associations to small and mid-size organizations;
  • Fortune 1000 to numerous smaller manufacturing and service businesses.;
  • National online publications to regional/local newspapers and trade journals.
  • Regional government projects to small, local government solutions.

We become deeply knowledgeable about our client’s missions and strategic objectives, and require ourselves to find smart, strategic, and affordable solutions that deliver results.

SynNet offers the following solutions meet our client’s specific needs and/or requirements:

Synergy Web Platform™

 The Synergy Web Platform™ is an affordable Web content management system for any type of organization.  It is ideal for associations and non-profits, businesses, publishers and faith-based organizations. It makes your Web site a catalyst for growth by attracting, engaging and serving visitors through a responsive and personalized experience.The Synergy Web Platform


Synergistic Web Marketing™

The Synergistic Web Marketing program provides the talent and technology necessary to lead your online marketing program to success.  In addition, our consultants have the expertise to provide valuable business intelligence from the online marketplace that will assist your traditional business decision making.

Custom Programming and Business Consulting

Many customers engage SynNet for projects for custom programming, project management, online course development, CRM (customer relationship management), Internet Strategy, Business Process Improvement, Business Intelligence and e-Commerce strategies and solutions.  If you are exploring options for a project, our consultants have the expertise to provide valuable insight on the appropriate solution for your requirements and budget.


SynNet’s state-of-the-art data center provides our customers secure and reliable data services.  We currently provide our customers with basic Web site hosting all the way up to dedicated servers.  Our networking team is ready to help you outsource this vital function with a plan and program that will meet your short and long-term needs.