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 Synergy Web Platform  

The Synergy Web Platform™ is an affordable, integrated Web content management, marketing, communication, social networking, event, and online education platform.  It provides an infinitely flexible and expandable environment that will increase your Web site’s functionality, capacity, and return on investment (ROI).  The key features of the Synergy Web Platform™ are:

  • User focused content – the Synergy Web Platform™ tailors content to the interests and roles of the visitor.  This feature gives your Web site the power to securely deliver a personal and responsive online experience to each user of your Web site.

  • Simple site management – take control of your Web site’s content and navigation with the simple and intuitive interface of the Synergy Web Platform™.  No longer will you need programmers or consultants to maintain or add important features to your site.

  • Ready when you are functionality – the Synergy Web Platform™ is infinitely flexible and expandable for future needs.  New functionalities can be added via Web Modules, and thereby increase the ROI on your initial Web marketing investment.

An implementation of the Synergy Web Platform™ creates a complete Web site with personalization and the ability to target visitors with timely and appropriate information.  With the Synergy Web Platform™, Web page publishing becomes dynamic and simple and allows your Web site to function as the organization’s personalized Web marketing, communications and collaboration platform.