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 The Solution  

The Synergy Web Platform™ is an affordable Web content management system for any type of organization.  It is ideal for associations and non-profits, businesses, publishers and faith-based organizations. It gives your organization the power to add content, target information to specific users and manage your relationships with members, customers and subscribers.

The following provides a list of solutions available with the Synergy Web Platform™:

Content Management

The Synergy Web Platform™ gives any organization complete control over its own Web site.  It offers a simple, intuitive interface to give any level of user the power to control site content and features.  Standard modules let you add text, calendars, files, announcements, banners, forums, blogs, picture galleries, news and feedback.  Content can be delivered by date in order to keep the site fresh and ever-changing.


Social Networking

The Synergy Web Platform™ extends the content experience to the community where users can increase the value of the Web site through their individual contributions.  Simple Web 2.0 features like voting, commenting, blogs, lists, friends, photos, RSS, links and files give each user the power to contribute valuable content, experiences and knowledge.


Member Management

The Synergy Web Platform™ gives Web site “members” the power to use the organizational Web site for self -service.  More importantly, It gives staff the power to serve, communicate and market to individual or groups of members.  For associations and other membership groups, the system can act as your primary membership management solution or be integrated with your existing AMS software to provide the ideal Web front-end / back-office solution.


Event Management

The Synergy Web Platform™ delivers extensive event marketing, registration and management features.  Staff can easily create events, launch event marketing pages, specify locations, control for seat inventory, specify member and non-member rates and take payments all within the organization’s Web site.


Communication and Collaboration

The Synergy Web Platform™ provides role based access to content based on the visitor’s relationship to the organization.  This feature allows your Web site to give access to specific content to all visitors (open), only to members, private to staff (intranet), individual committees and/or board members.  For example, you can securely deliver customer or member surveys, target announcements to individuals or groups and share access to important files and documents to only users with appropriate permissions to view them.



The Synergy Web Platform™ has powerful e-commerce functions to accept payments for membership dues, events and conferences, online courses, advertising, access to job boards or donations.  In addition, an online catalog system can sell products offered by the organization and provide self-service 24/7.


Online Education

The Synergy Web Platform™ has a powerful e-learning system that will get your online education up and running quickly.  Staff can create and launch courses, tests and learning communities for CE requirements, study groups or corporate training.  Content can be video, presentations, text or just about any other file type.