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 Social Networking with the Synergy Web Platform™  

Social Networking, as described by PC Magazine, is defined as A Web site that provides a virtual community for people interested in a particular subject or just to "hang out" together. Members communicate by voice, chat, instant message, videoconference and blogs, and the service typically provides a way for members to contact friends of other members. Such sites may also serve as a vehicle for meeting in person. The "social networking site" is the 21st century term for "virtual community," a group of people who use the Internet to communicate with each other about anything and everything.

This definition clearly includes the mission of most association, membership, faith-based and publication organizations.  Almost all have explored how to accomplish this for a long period of time.  Finally, the technology and interest has caught up with the vision of many association, membership, faith-based, and publication organizations.

You too can now provide your members with social networking opportunities on your own branded Web site.  The Synergy Web Platform™ gives you the power to centralize your visitors online networking experience under your brand as well as reduce the staff time necessary to manage the services.

The Synergy Web Platform™ includes many great social netoworking benefits, including:

  • Allow members to find other members with similar interests or expertise
  • Allow members to communicate more extensive profile to community
  • Allow members to restrict specific fields from being published – member choice
  • Use the profile to give access to forums, blogs and chat areas within site
  • Be able to restrict forums and blogs with specific language or terms
  • Be able to survey entire membership or specific groups within organization