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 Member Management with the Synergy Web Platform™  

Member management is a vital function that the Web site must provide to many organizations.  Members are now accustomed to self-service via the Web and have come to expect it from the organizations they join or already are a part of.  In addition, vital profile information can be used to target content to the members interest as well as allowing staff to deliver important communications to specific segments of the membership.

The Synergy Web Platform™ provides numerous features that provide excellent member management, including:

  • Allow members to create and edit their online information
  • Allow members to add areas of interest to their profiles
  • Allow members find other members by a set of criteria
  • Create and communicate with a specific list of members – either for a meeting, reminder, whatever
  • Collect membership dues via credit card, invoice or by check
  • Allow staff to search for specific members or sub-groups of members and use that list for regular mail or email
  • Store a members history under their profile information – available to either staff and/or that member
  • View which pages of the site are more valuable to members vs. non-members
  • Know which members are most “active” on the site (posting, viewing or participating)
  • Integrate with AMS (if necessary)