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 Common Uses of the Synergy Web Platform™  

Internet Site

Allows anyone to access information via the Web.  As with any ordinary Web site, everything is accessible by standard Internet browsers.  The advantage of the Synergy Web Platform™ is that access can be granted or denied based on various security roles, such as public, registered user or staff.  All content can be open to all visitors and the staff now has a much simpler method to publish information. 

Intranet Site

Share information and files within your workgroups, members and organization.  The Synergy Web Platform™ has built-in features that allow it to become a great place for storing common information, group calendars, announcements, and lists.  Role-based access protects information viewing to only those who are approved for access to the specific piece of content.

Extranet Site

Bring customers, members and partner organizations into your Web site infrastructure, while at the same time limiting their access to information.  Grant access to specific users, individually or as a group.  The Synergy Web Platform™ facilitates information sharing and collaboration across the Web no matter the physical location of your organization.