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 Top 10 SEO Strategies to Implement  
  1. Identify the main keywords
  2. Create a Page Title that attracts user's
  3. Add page descriptions to each page describing that specific page
  4. include H1, and the other heading tags, as search engines often look in the heading and subheadings to determine content realtivity to keywords
  5. Don't use frames for the Web site
  6. Use links.  Google has started to rank based on the use of links.  Link from your Web site to industry specific sites, and others which are highly rated with Google.  Remember to request reciprocal links.
  7. List your Web site in directories
  8. Add enhancements to your Web site by submitting press releases, giving away something, having a blog, etc
  9. Change your content regularly.  The longer the content remains the same, the less likely you are to stay up in the page rank
  10. If applicable, Utilize PPC advertising thru Google AdWords