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Part of an effective online marketing plan is communicating value to your members, customers, clients, and future prospects, effectively driving traffic from their inbox to your Web site.

Synergistic Web Marketing has the extensive experience managing e-mail marketing campaigns for association, non-profit, businesses, publications and faith-based organizations.  WE can help you create a branded e-mail newsletter template, develop targeted content, and deploy a legally-compliant, e-mail marketing campaign that delivers results.

Using the SynNet E-Newsletter solution, we can track each time a message is opened, bounced, forwarded, and what links are clicked and how many times within your e-mail newsletter.  Our Web Marketing team can perform A/B split testing and develop custom landing pages, to drive Goal conversions if desired with certain e-mail newsletter campaigns to maximize conversions. 

The SynNet E-Newsletter solution is a convenient, fast and accurate method for a client to manage Email News lists, create Email content in HTML, text and or AOL format, track responses and collect demographic and other data for campaign analysis and further relationship management. It is a Web-based system with which an administrator can create and manage HTML and graphical Email news letters and send them to specified user lists. Graphical layouts, columns and graphics can be added for a professional Email appearance.

With the SynNet E-Newsletter, you can:

  • Create as many lists as you need
  • Manage list members
  • Create “add me to the list” Web pages for users
  • Moderate and manage the messages to the list
  • Send HTML Email, text email and/or AOL Email to the same list
  • Track the number of emails that are opened, click-through links and other response data

SynNet E-Newsletter features include:

  • E-Newsletter users/members can subscribe or unsubscribe from the list at any time (if permitted by the E-Newsletter Administrator during the setup of the list.
  • A confirmed Opt-In verification by email to verify the validity of the user's email address and to prevent people from maliciously subscribing others.
  • Automatic creation of newsletter signup forms that can be placed on any Web site.
  • An option to personalize your newsletters by including the subscriber’s name, email and other demographic information that you collect. For example, "Dear John Doe,"
  • Directing bad or wrong Email addresses to an Email box for administrative review.
  • Opt-out Email responses that are collected in a data file and compared to any future mailings to each specific list.
  • The capture of demographic parameters from subscribers (up to 25 fields.) Parameters can be included in the newsletters during delivery.
  • An E-Newsletter Internet address as an extension of your domain (e.g.
  • Real time reports are issued showing the time, size and number of messages sent per Emailing

SynNet’s experienced programming team, for additional fees, can integrate this application with any existing customer or member database application, making the creation and inclusion of subscribers seamless for our clients.

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