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There are many components needed to establish a professional and reliable Web presence.  These components are often very expensive and a waste of resources for just one Web site.  By sharing these resources, organizations can have all the benefits of superior Internet connection, and pay only a fraction of the cost by letting our experienced engineers deal with all of the hassles!

While simple, text-based sites are better suited for a shared server, the more complex Web sites operate more efficiently on a dedicated server because they are more secure and provide better performance.  Therefore, those sites that have secure information, a high number of visitors or complex applications (online shopping, knowledge management, etc.) are the perfect candidates for a dedicated server, but SynNet also offers the option to run these Web applications on shared servers.

We use powerful Intel Xeon based processors running on reliable Dell or IBM platforms (or similar) using either Microsoft Windows 2003 Server or Red Hat Linux as the network operating system.  For more information check out our Internet Data Center section.

Our Web hosting plans offer you:

  • Availability – quickly initiate your Web site.
  • Reliability – guaranteed 99.9% uptime (excluding scheduled maintenance).
  • Confidentiality – our staff constantly updates server systems to assure security.
  • Data Integrity – daily backups protecting your files from loss or corruption are stored off site for enhanced security.
  • Throughput – visitors access your Web site quickly as we monitor bandwidth allocations to assure fast page downloading.
  • Scalability – our staff will work with you to grow your Web site and integrate its use by your organization.
  • Support – we are small enough to know our clients and understand their requirements.
  • Control – you can easily change your site design or site content – you are now in control
  • Reporting – we give you statistical data about your Web traffic using Google Analytics.  We provide you with detailed analysis of your visitors; critical paths through your site; referring sites, search engines, and keywords visitors used to find your site; and much more.

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