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 Shared Web Hosting  

Shared and dedicated hosting solutions each have their advantages and their disadvantages.  Shared hosting, also known as “virtual hosting”, options significantly reduce the cost of getting started on the Web by allowing multiple Web sites to reside on a single server that is connected to our high-speed Internet backbone.  Shared hosting plans generally limit the amount of disk space and data transfer (bandwidth) that are available for your site as a result.  While this allows for cost-effective hosting, there is a downside.  Because Web sites utilize a shared hosting solution run on a server with other sites all of which are using the same system resources (CPU, RAM, etc.), if you have a high traffic site, you simply may not be able to accommodate a large number of simultaneous visitors due to the lack of available system resources.  Another disadvantage is that while you have the option of using pre-installed scripts and programs, you cannot install your own custom applications.

On the other hand, with a shared hosting package there is no need for a server administrator to setup, constantly monitor and secure your server, nor do you need to worry about security.  Shared hosting is most recommended for small to mid-sized Web sites, and do not require custom programs or installations.

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