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 Dedicated Web Hosting  

The primary difference between a shared and a dedicated hosting solution is that with a dedicated plan, your Web site resides on its own server, thereby decreasing the risk of server-related issues.  The increased power and autonomy of your own dedicated server provides greater computing capacity as well as enhanced storage resources.  As a result, dedicated solutions reduce response time and increase processing speed, allowing for faster access to your Web site information and service offerings.

A dedicated server gives the client the necessary flexibility to host multiple sites on one machine, while deploying sophisticated applications (streaming audio/video, etc.).  In addition, dedicated servers offer scalability, giving you the room to accommodate additional visitors to your site as it gains popularity, while at the same time allowing you more room to enrich and expand the site itself.  Finally, dedicated servers provide greater performance reliability because dedicated Web hosting gives you exclusive server access and total manageability and control over your own site and machine.

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