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With the advent of Web 2.0, there can be little doubt that your Web site has become an important element of your business, its mission, subscribers, subscriber benefits and administration. Furthermore during the next five years, the Web will become even important. It is for this reason that we developed the Synergy Web Plaform™ to successfully support both general and technical publication sites.

The Web has become more that just a place to create a “Brochure online.” The future will bring entirely new methods and generation of users with higher expectations. There will be more demand to deliver binding benefits, of branding, of creating subscribers and managing subscriber relationships on line. Currently, RSS (really simple syndication) is quickly gaining users as a direct, electronic method to syndicate information to subscribers.

The Web will be a primary means for subscribers and prospects to locate your publication to get to know you and in-turn, you get to know them. It will be the way for you to bring better services and communications to your subscribers and employees, to provide support and to interact with them.

All of the above will not happen tomorrow, but, be assure that it will happen over the next few years. The Synergy Web Platform™ has been created to help your prospects, subscribers, and staff to make these adjustments and grow, adding features as needed, keeping costs down through our Web Modules and providing the consulting and training you and your staff needs to stay “in-touch” with current technology.

The Synergy Web Platform™ is more than a Web site; it’s a Web system that puts you and your staff in control. We are committed to the success design, implementation and training for your Synergy Web Platform™.

If you are interested in learning how Synergy Web Platform™ can benefit your organization, contact Synergistic Networks today. In 30 minutes, you will begin to see the exception value offered by this powerful publication solution.

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